30/5 — 5/6/2024
64th International Film Festival
for Children and Youth
  • What the Finn?! - A Summer of Surprises
    What the Finn?! - A Summer of Surprises

    International Expert Jury for Feature Films in the Children’s Category
    Country: GER
    Year: 2023
    Directed by: Stefan Westerwelle
  • Scrapper

    Golden Slipper for Best Feature Film in the Junior Category
    Country: GBR
    Year: 2023
    Directed by: Charlotte Regan
  • Delegation

    Golden Slipper for Best Feature Film in the Youth Category
    Country: POL/ISR/GER
    Year: 2023
    Directed by: Asaf Saban
  • Crab

    Golden Slipper for Best Short Animation for Children
    Country: POL/FRA
    Year: 2022
    Directed by: Piotr Chmielewski
  • Of Kisses and Capes
    Of Kisses and Capes

    Zlín Dog Award for Best Student Film
    Country: GER
    Year: 2022
    Directed by: Elena Weiss
  • Titina

    Karel Zeman Award - Special Recognition for Best Visual Concept in a Feature Film in the Children’s Category
    Country: NOR
    Year: 2022
    Directed by: Kajsa Næss
  • Pond

    Hermína Týrlová Award for Best Short Animation for Children up to 6 Years of Age
    Country: SUI
    Year: 2023
    Directed by: Lena von Döhren, Eva Rustka
  • We Will Not Fade Away
    We Will Not Fade Away

    Europe Award - the European Children's Film Association Award for Best European Documentary Film for Young Audience
    Country: FRA/POL/UKR
    Year: 2023
    Directed by: Alisa Kovalenko
  • Juniors

    Ecumenical Jury Award for Best Feature Film in the Junior and Youth Category
    Country: FRA
    Year: 2022
    Directed by: Hugo Thomas
  • Forever

    Golden Apple – the City of Zlín Audience Award for Best Feature Film in the Children's, Junior and Youth Category
    Country: SWE
    Year: 2023
    Directed by: Anders Hazelius

Do not overlook

26. 4. 2024

Don’t Interrupt Young Filmmakers; They Have Something to Tell Us

Let's be glad that the articles on our websites are not and (undoubtedly) never will be limited in length. Fortunately, in our student section, length is not an issue at all. What matters is precisely the message that the young generation of filmmakers is trying to convey to us through their early films. And we definitely don't want to interrupt them!

17. 4. 2024

Zlín Industry Days: A Tribute to the Greats and Trends in Young Adult Production

Interesting conferences, presentations and opportunities for informal meetings, and exchange of experiences. All of this will be offered by the professional program of the 64th Zlín Film Festival ZLÍN INDUSTRY DAYS, which will run from Friday to Sunday and is mainly focused on the development of audiovisual content for children and young people.

11. 4. 2024

Putting Together a Film Program Can Be an Adventure

The Zlín Film Festival has traditionally all about a varied film offering and opportunities to see films for children and young people on the big screen, which usually cannot be seen anywhere else but in Zlín.  

15. 3. 2024

Our colleague Jarka was a member of the FIFEM jury in Canada

Jaroslava Hynštová was a member of the jury at 27th FIFEM - Festival International du Film pour enfants de Montréal and it was quite an experience.

28. 2. 2024

The 64th Zlín Film Festival will dominate the centre of Zlín

The upcoming edition of the oldest and largest film festival for children and youth in the world has already got a solid outline. The Zlín Film Festival will once again offer a cross-generational program, it will bring series for young people, and commemorate the anniversaries of famous filmmakers. This year, Hynek Bočan and Bolek Polívka will take home the Golden Slipper. 

22. 2. 2024

Submit your films to the 64th Zlín Film Festival 2024!

Attention all filmmakers! For the 64th festival, we are still looking for feature films for children and youth, short animations for children, documentaries with the theme of young people and, last but not least, short student films of all genres.

18. 2. 2024

Unique artistic works in the form of film clapperboards are gradually coming together in Zlín

Currently, the FILMTALENT Zlín Foundation has gathered nearly a hundred of them from artists, with the remaining twenty film clapperboards being completed by artists these days. The complete collection of 125 pieces from the 27th edition of the Film Clapperboard Salon will be showcased for the first time on March 5th at the Hybernia Theater in Prague.

6. 11. 2023

Our festival president was honored at KINEKO festival in Tokyo

The Japanese Children's Festival is celebrating 30 years and our representatives couldn't miss it. On the opening evening, our festival president Čestmír Vančura received the Kineko Festival Honorary Award.

5. 10. 2023

We have launched film submissions of the 64th Zlín Film Festival

Would you believe that the decisions about which films you will see at the next year's Zlín Film Festival are already being decided?



Gert Hermans

As communication officer for ECFA he is chief editor of two leading news platforms for the children’s film industry: the ECFA Journal online magazine and the ECFA Update. He was involved in various surveys and publications on children’s film and media, and served in festival juries and panels in Belgium and abroad. Gert Hermans, has been working in children’s film distribution, content marketing, and publishing for Jekino, a company with a long tradition in children’s film for many years.

7. 6. 2023

Wednesday 7/6/2023 - Running around naked in Riga

My last festival days are mostly dominated by interviews with all the juries. It always amazes me how it can make grown-up people feel so nervous. They all seem to be in a competitive mood: were we not the craziest bunch of them all? But no one can match the Zlin Dog Jury. Simon Holy is a loose cannon; at one point I fear that "giraffes" will be his only answer to all my possible questions (which would be rather problematic given the nature of those questions). "I really miss giraffes; I think we should have more giraffes in our lives." The Ecumenical jury takes a serious start, but slowly slides into the standard nonsense level that is required for these sessions. Jerzy tells a beautiful story about shoes, Hana's laughter gurgles into the microphone, Gudmundur launches a deranged festival idea about locking people up in a cinema for a week, the main jury dreams of a DIRTY DANCING tribute, and Simon... keeps asking giraffes out on a date.

6. 6. 2023

Tuesday 6/6/2023 - Pizza Anti-Vegetariana

Imagine you would walk around in your house and suddenly discover a door that you have never seen before and when you walk through it, you suddenly find yourself in a man cave with all possible utilities. That is exactly what happens to me today. After (probably) more than 100 nights in Hotel Zlin, I finally find my way to the bowling hall. I had seen the signpost before, but it never occurred to me to follow it, all the way to the cosy log cabin where a predominantly male clientele enjoys a game of bowling and darts. More than decent pizzas and cocktails are served here. When I introduce the Canadian WHERE RABBITS COME FROM delegation to the place, they are over the moon. Probably it's the framed hockey jerseys on the wall that make them feel like fishes to water.

Listen to the podcast on Spotify.

5. 6. 2023

Monday 5/6/2023 - Freckles from Zlín

Finally the mystery is revealed. You only really know that you have returned to Zlin when you step into the elevator of the Hotel Zlin and suddenly that magical voice resounds from the wall, and whispers the same message over and over again in your ears in this unintelligible language. In previous years I might have already mentioned this alienating experience in this blog, as it overwhelms me every morning and every night. But after so many years the puzzle is solved. I have travelled the world, slogged through jungles, crossed deserts and sailed oceans to gain a deeper understanding of the universe and to finally decipher the magic spell: “gabina jede nahoru” means “this cabin is going up”. Finally, I’m back home in Zlin.

Listen to the podcast on Spotify.

3. 6. 2022

Wednesday 1 / Thursday 2 – God is driving a Skoda

Let me guide you through some of today’s highlights in an overview…

2. 6. 2022

Tuesday 31 – Dog actors don’t improvise

Let me guide you through some of today’s highlights in an overview…

31. 5. 2022

Monday 30 - The Hunt for the Sprite Maniac

Let me guide you through some of today’s highlights in an overview…

29. 5. 2022

Sunday 29 – Zlin is dead

Let me guide you through some of today’s highlights in an overview…

28. 5. 2022

Saturday 28 – Bubbles is a chimpanzee

Let me guide you through some of today’s highlights in an overview…

27. 5. 2022

Friday 27 – Eat my Bata Salad

Let me guide you through some of today’s highlights in an overview…


12. 6. 2023

Interview with the Expert Jury for Student Film Zlin Dog: “We should have more giraffes in our lives”

Festivals are a competitive battlefield. Even outside the official award systems, juries compete with each other for giving the most whacked interview. One team that left all competitors in the shadow. That Golden Slipper goes to Šimon Holý (director, script writer - Czech Republic), Ursula van den Heuvel (festival distributor - the Netherlands) and Martin Kudláč (film journalist - Slovakia), aka the Zlin Dog Jury.

11. 6. 2023

Interview with the Ecumenical Jury: “Quality and variation, and sometimes something special”

Spiritual values might be their trademark, but no no jury this week was as keen as asking loads of young actors out on a date than the Ecumenical Jury. We’ll have to consider hiring an extra big party room, especially for Gundi Doppelhammer (Culture scientist - Germany), Théo Péporté (Communications & Press - Luxembourg) and Ida Tenglerova (Protestant Minister - Czech Republic).

10. 6. 2023

Interview with the Expert Jury in the Junior & Youth Category: “One chicken we have thoroughly discussed”

I am happy about people finding their interviews online, but this time the podcast version could offer you some added value: more stories from Jerzy Moszkowicz (young audience programmer - Poland), a dry approach from Guðmundur Arnar Guðmundsson (director & producer - Iceland) and fountains of heavenly laughter from Hana Vagnerová (actress - Czech Republic). If her laughing voice sets the standard, then this will be a fun interview!

9. 6. 2023

Interview with the ECFA Jury: “A poor relationship with shoes in general”

The ECFA Jury came with a surprising conclusion to their festival work: It’s a family thing! The three of them had to come to Zlin to find out about this family bond. That is why we sit around the table with two sisters and one brother: Samina Gul (doxs! / Oberhausen Short Film Days - Germany), Marion Heimlund (Kristiansand Festival - Norway) and Nils Andersson (Smorgasbord Picture House - Sweden).

8. 6. 2023

Interview with Expert Jury for Short Animations: “Octopuses are definitely more interesting than carps”

Why is it that interviews with animation juries often end up in wildlife discussions? Featuring in this interview are several deep see animals, horses, dinosaurs, “a remarkably high number of birds”, and of course Vassilis Karamitsanis (president of Animasyros festival in Greece), Tomas Danay (animator, programme director for BAB festival in Slovakia) and Alexandra Majova (animator, Czech Republic).

7. 6. 2023

Interview with the Int’l Expert Jury in the Children’s Film Category: “Oh my God, that’s Simon again!”

The main jury… they are supposed to be the crown jewels of the festival, the icing on the cake, respectable, indespicable, dignified… Nevertheless, don’t be surprised if you might suddenly find them performing an iconic scene from DIRTY DANCING, or going on a date with a feisty grandma. This is what you need to know about Jitka Schneiderova (actress - Czech Republic), Simon Crowe (sales & distribution – UK) and Katarina Launing (director – Norway / Sweden).

6. 6. 2022

Interview with the Int’l Jury for Short Animated Films: “Usually there are dragons but not this time”

Interviewing the animation jury is usually fun - animators are often a bit weird by nature, and they talk easily about animals and princes and dragons. Arba Hatashi, Corinne Destombes and Filip Posivac are no exception to this rule. But they also come with an interesting plea; an advice for festival organisers around the world.

3. 6. 2022

Interview with the ECFA Int’l Jury for Documentary Films: “Wine suits my Portuguese personality”

Katerina Hager and Teresa Lima both look nervous and fancy - on a previous occasion Katerina didn’t expect cameras and spotlights and was therefore slightly embarrassed about her casual looks. Now she wears a beautiful necklace (“bought in Sarajevo”) and a dress… but there’s nowhere a camera to be seen. 

2. 6. 2022

Interview with the Int’l Expert Jury in the Junior & Youth Category: “I hope the giraffe had a stunt double”

You thought festival juries were like a big mystery; a somewhat cultish bunch of erudite gurus? Or would they be more like simple human beings, doing simple human things? Like running marathons, collecting shoes and living joyless lives? You’ll find it all out through a list of questions we gave to the International Expert Jury in the Junior & Youth Category.

Tips for film programme

Tips for supporting programme

Hot galleries

5. 10. 2023

We have launched film submissions of the 64th Zlín Film Festival

Would you believe that the decisions about which films you will see at the next year's Zlín Film Festival are already being decided?

8. 6. 2023

Half of the filmmakers came to Zlín from abroad

Film enthusiasts enjoyed the first week of June in Zlín twice as much. Almost fifty films were presented at the 63rd Zlín Film Festival by the creators themselves. They could meet Estonian, Finnish, Belgian, French, even Canadian delegations. Everywhere they already know where the 75,000 Zlín is.

8. 6. 2023

Fragments from the last day of the festival. Where did it live?

Even the seventh day of the festival was very busy in Zlín. The married couple Zlata Adamovská and Petr Štěpánek, as well as the actor Vladimír Kratina, accepted the invitation to the Festival Café on Náměstí Míru. Photos and autographs were taken in the Golden Apple. Fans had the opportunity to catch Vojtěch Vodochovský, Hana Vagnerová or Jan Révai there on the last day.

8. 6. 2023

One hundred volunteers of the Zlín Film Festival. Thank you!

It wouldn't be possible without them. Although a large team of organizers was behind the 63rd Zlín Film Festival, a hundred volunteers also helped to ensure the smooth running of the accompanying events. At the end of the international show, the festival management, including the president Čestmír Vančura, personally thanked them at a joint meeting.

7. 6. 2023

Thanks to the festival juries!

Which films will take this year's 63. Zlín Film Festival were decided by expert film juries. The 18 jurors included director Šimon Holý, animator Alexandra Májová, Slovak journalist Martin Kudláč, as well as actresses Hana Vagnerová and Jitka Schneiderová, who chaired the main festival jury.

7. 6. 2023

A fairy tale carpet for the end. Stars of children's films in Zlín

The Crown Prince, Goldilocks, About the Fool, Prince Bajaja. We would not count the fairy tales in which Petr Štěpánek or Zlata Adamovská have played. The last red carpet of the 63rd Zlín Film Festival largely belonged to them.

7. 6. 2023

Media literacy is faltering, the Children Without Borders conference reminded

The Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting, which prepared the last block of the Children without Borders conference for the public, focused on media literacy, media literacy and artificial intelligence today. The event was held as part of the Zlín Film Festival for the seventh time. And again she received a great response.

6. 6. 2023

Photographers in front of and behind the curtain. That's the magic of moments

We are finishing. The oldest, largest and most important film festival of its kind in the world is entering its finale. The fans are going crazy, the atmosphere is growing. Our photo gallery will draw you into the festival events of the sixth day.

6. 6. 2023

Both Chameleon and Tesla Case were enjoyed in the cinema by the whole family

The Tesla case, I like movies and Chameleon and other cartoons. These are just some of the films that visitors to the Golden Apple Cinema in Zlaté Jáblek in Zlín could enjoy today. Two of them were presented by their creators personally. Did you miss it? Taste the atmosphere there at least through our photo gallery.


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